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Did you know Medicare Supplement/ aka Medigap policies are standardized and you can start a policy anytime of the year?  Some companies will require you answer health questions, and you may or may not be approved.  But currently there is one that does not require underwriting as long as you are 65 or older. Individuals with Medicare Part A and Part B can purchase Medicare Supplement policies.  Medicare part A and B coverage can be obtained upon reaching age 65 or through disability.

Individuals can also purchase separate Part D Prescription Drug Plans.  Part D plan are available to people with Medicare Part A or Part B.

Another option for individuals with Medicare Part A and Part B is a Medicare Advantage (MA) or Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug  (MAPD) or Part C Plans.  These can combine Medical, Drug coverage, and often provide other benefits such as dental, vision or exercise programs, OTC mail products.

We represent many fine companies such as: Aetna, BCBS, Humana, Mutual of Omaha, United Healthcare and others.  We also offer Life Insurance (underwritten as well as guarantee issue); Dental; Vision; Annuities; Hospital Indemnity; Cancer; Heart Attack and Stroke policies.  As an Independent Agent with 30+ years’ experience, I can help answer your questions and explain your options.  Please call me, Jeff Goodman at 708-799-2655 to discuss your situation.

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